Our Story

Nice to Meet You!

We're a husband and wife duo & the founders of GERD Health LLC.

- Mandy & Jeff

How It Began

Mandy's GERD Discovery

Night time indigestion, bad breath, and nausea were lifetime struggles for Mandy. In 2020, we discovered she was suffering from GERD! Naturally, we sought advice from experts. As doctor-after-doctor prescribed the leading “treatment” for GERD, Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), we thought we had the answer – right? Wrong! Mandy took Omeprazole (a PPI) for 2 weeks, without any reduction in symptoms. Plus, a quick search revealed that PPIs were exposing Mandy to possible bone density loss, polyps, and cancer – just to name a few!

Holistic Wellness to the rescue

Finding The Solution

That’s when she decided to take control and do her own research into natural supplements. Research that evolved into a product that coats and protects the digestive tract with powerful leading natural supplements for near-instant GERD Relief. After finding her own solution, helping others was the obvious next step. Thus, GERD Health LLC was founded to restore health to millions of under-cared for sufferers around the world.

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The GERD Health Movement

It doesn't stop here.

GERD Health is going beyond just treating flare ups, we're starting a movement of new products prioritizing your gut health.

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